Creative Center of Scottsdale

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Housed in the iconic Scottsdale landmark, Mandall’s Shooting Supplies store, the Creative Center of Scottsdale is an urban infill and highly sustainable adaptive reuse of three existing buildings at the southern edge of Downtown Scottsdale into co-working spaces for artists. … Continue reading

Sip Coffee & Beer

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Contour Architecture’s design for this 1,753sf coffee shop focuses on up-cycled materials from the previous tenant – a local knit shop – combining neighborhood history, sustainability and community in a shared gathering space.   Contour’s design uses sustainable strategies to create … Continue reading

Unicon Technology HQ

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Designing a collaborative and engaging work environment – balanced with spaces for focus – was central to Unicon’s expansion.  Unicon, Inc. had five basic goals for their new space: 1.   Promote interaction by creating a variety of spaces for … Continue reading

Maricopa County Downtown Court Tower

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The justice system is about the resolution of opposites: defense & prosecution, justice & injustice, power & weakness.  What is interesting is not a balance between the two, but each side’s reliance on the other to define itself.   The new … Continue reading

425 5TH AVE

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The 425 5th Avenue tower was a trendsetter in the heart of Manhattan’s Murray Hill. The first to break the skyline in this neighborhood, other towers quickly followed. The slender mixed-use commercial and residential tower finds inspiration in accentuating its … Continue reading

Rice University Martel College

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Residential colleges are central to students’ social and academic experiences at Rice University.  Martel was designed as a new addition to the college system, introducing 232 new rooms to a campus where students prefer to live on-campus and participate in … Continue reading

ASU Packard Street Garage

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Southwest Contractor Best Concrete Project of 2004 Arizona State University Packard Street Garage is a cast-in-place concrete structure encased in a galvanized steel frame and stainless steel mesh, located near ASU’s athletic facilities. Americans love their cars.  Movies such as Grease celebrate … Continue reading