Creative City: How Design Impacts Collaboration

Come to Co+Hoots on Wednesday, April 22nd from 12:30pm – 1:30pm 

How does our city impact creativity? How does space impact collaboration? Turns out having a casual conversation while grabbing a coffee, chatting while waiting for the light rail or having a lively debate with your work-neighbor can all add up to greater connection, collaboration and creativity. On the flip side, also providing spaces to escape beyond the international “I’m working” headphones can also offer much needed moments to reflect and dive deep into your work. Influencing all of these – often without our knowledge and certainly more than fate – is architecture. This presentation will focus on how architecture and design can impact teams’ creativity and collaboration. We will discuss designing for creativity from the perspective of the city as well as interior workspaces. We will also cover how sustainability makes a difference and what sustainability means in our own special desert city, Phoenix.








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