World’s First and Leading Arnold Palmer Sommelier

Christina Noble, world’s first, and finest Arnold Palmer sommelier has hit it big.  She knows what it takes to make the perfect summer beverage.  While some believe it to be a 50 / 50 split, Ms. Noble begs to differ:  ”There can be so many ways to refine the beverage and the ratio comes down to what is being mixed together.  Are you using green tea? Black tea? Pomegranate?  Not to mention the options available with lemonade.  Is it sweet or tart?  The possibilities for creativity are endless.”

For those who may not know the history of the ground-breaking beverage, according to Mr. Arnold Palmer, he was in the habit of drinking iced tea with lemonade at home, and in 1960 at the US Open at the Cherry Hills Country Club in Denver, Colorado, he ordered the drink at the bar. A woman sitting nearby overheard him, and ordered “that Palmer drink”, thus giving the beverage its name.


“There can be so many ways to refine the beverage and the ratio comes down to what is being mixed together…The possibilities for creativity are endless.”

— .

The drink is also referred to as a “Half & Half” in many parts of the United States, especially the South.  As Ms. Noble has stated time and again, “this colloquialism is a misnomer.  It takes a truly refined palette to decipher the best ratio and as a result who has the best Arnold Palmer.  That’s where I come in.”

Ms. Noble will be visiting all establishments and posting a sticker on their front door with her own Arnold Palmer rating.  Ratings will be on a scale of 1 to 10.  The rubric will be maintained under strict confidentiality so that food establishments cannot game the system.

When asked if she believes that the public will use her system as a means for determining where they will dine Ms. Noble stated, “Absolutely.  I have no doubt.” 





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