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Forward Design Journal 211: Adaptation

We have all had to adapt. The economic downturn might still have us reeling, but we can view these moments of upheaval as an opportunity to rethink architecture and design and how they impact our world. Forward 211 features designers, … Continue reading

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Forward 111: Landscape

Art, architecture and landscape can be a process that forces discussion, questions the status quo and transforms society.  Landscape is strategic thinking on a multiplicity of scales that engages economic, cultural, political, legal, and geographical processes to actively shape and … Continue reading

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Forward 110: Architecture and the Body

As our identities become more complex and our relationships more interconnected, what impact does this have on architecture and modern experience, or Architecture and the Body?  Forward 110 will explore these ideas from distinct perspectives – the materialist who focuses … Continue reading

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Forward 209: Ornament

Architects are increasingly faced with shrinking influence, often only designing the building skin or an individual tenant improvement, but not necessarily both and not at the same time. As a result, modernist desires for a direct connection between interior space … Continue reading