Unicon Technology HQ

Designing a collaborative and engaging work environment – balanced with spaces for focus – was central to Unicon’s expansion.  Unicon, Inc. had five basic goals for their new space:

1.   Promote interaction by creating a variety of spaces for employees to leave their desks and interact as project teams or casual collaborators
2.  Create a fun and engaging space where employees could grab a coffee, relieve stress, or bring their laptops for a different perspective while working
3.  Provide spaces for private and focused work
4.  Create a sense of openness that maximizes natural light and the expansive views of the mountains
5.  Illustrate a professional image and working environment consistent with software consulting for higher education clients

Central to the design was the creation of what is lovingly referred to as “Area 51.”  This circular space offers a casual working environment for people to escape their desk.  A coffee counter lines the exterior windows where employees can bring a laptop and work while looking to the mountains beyond.  Lunch tables are paired with foosball and a lounge for Xbox competitions.

In addition, Contour Architecture designed smaller collaboration “phone booths” where employees could work in small teams of two or grab a personal phone call away from the open office environment.  These spaces were located towards the center where they would avoid blocking the natural light and mountain views from the exterior windows.   In addition, we created two larger conference rooms for collaboration with large teams as well as client consultations.

Owner: Unicnon, Inc.
Location: Gilbert, AZ
Phase 1: 4,163sf
Phase 2:  10,137sf
Photography: Caleb Alvarado Photography


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