Rice University Martel College

Residential colleges are central to students’ social and academic experiences at Rice University.  Martel was designed as a new addition to the college system, introducing 232 new rooms to a campus where students prefer to live on-campus and participate in the lively atmosphere.  The new college is organized around a series of open courtyards and covered passages.  Each dorm room incorporates a heirarchy of living spaces from public to private with shared study areas facing common outdoor courtyards while private sleeping rooms look outward toward an expansive lawn.

“College life does not get much more comfortable”

— Dylan McNally, The Rice Standard

The project’s design was initially inspired by Ralph Adam Cram and Bertram Goodhue’s 1913 axially designed main campus.  Martel’s main entry terminates the primary axis from the campus core to the north campus residential quadrangle.  As one of three colleges in the North Residential Campus, Martel’s facades incorporate the extensive patterning of limestone and brickwork found throughout campus, yet maintains its  individual identity as a separate residential college. To accomplish this we utilized varied play with brickwork, exterior courtyard plans and interior designs to create a distinctive character while also providing a unified approach for the expanding residential campus.

Owner: Rice University
Location: Houston, TX
Project Size: 107,000SF
Residential Capacity: 232 beds
Delivery Method: Construction Manager

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*While working for  Michael Graves & Associates with PGAL


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