ASU Packard Street Garage

Southwest Contractor Best Concrete Project of 2004
Arizona State University Packard Street Garage is a cast-in-place concrete structure encased in a galvanized steel frame and stainless steel mesh, located near ASU’s athletic facilities.

We wanted to celebrate the football event, often tied to making parking fun

Americans love their cars.  Movies such as Grease celebrate the car with song and dance while American Graffiti details a car culture that hasn’t significantly changed since the 1950s.  We do everything in our cars: eat a burger with friends, watch a movie, hope for a kiss, and celebrate our favorite team on game day.  The Packard Street Garage incorporates the fun we have in and the love we have for our cars.  The primary stair that connects the structure to campus and the stadium expresses a feeling of exuberance with a circular stair culminating with a glowing blue canopy and a sheer wall dotted with colored glass fins that cast vibrant, shifting colors throughout the day.

We were interested in football's movement and how to create a blurred image much like this

The galvanized mesh screen not only serves as a sun shade and screen for cars by day, it also functions conceptually with the structure’s athletic context.

Formally, the project was inspired by patterns.  Cars, when parked for game day and viewed from above create colorful, beautiful patterns. The movement of football creates its own contrasting and fluid pattern.  We expressed movement and fluidity of athletic competition with the varying patterns and placement of the architectural mesh.

The transparency and patterning of palms also served as a project inspiration

The mesh material also connects with the campus context through inspiration found in palms throughout campus. Like a palm frond, the mesh exhibits a texture and a changing transparency.  It transforms depending on the light cast upon it from a more solid surface that hides the cars by day into a more translucent and porous material that allows visibility at night, when safety is of primary concern.  We found additional moments that relate to the frond in the texture of the ascending circular stairs as well as the blue canopy that marks the structure’s primary entrance.

View a PDF of the Southwest Contractor article here

Owner: Arizona State University
Location: Tempe, AZ
Project Size: 54,000SF
Parking Capacity: 1,600 cars
Budget: $13.5M
Delivery Method: CMAR
Contractor: McCarthy Construction 

*While working for Dick & Fritsche Design Group



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