Maricopa County Downtown Justice Court

The Maricopa County Downtown Justice Court is a five-story court facility focused on customer-friendly justice.  Ease of access begins with a friendly face – a customer service desk allows visitors to easily ask questions when navigating the unfamiliar justice system while public counters are easily identified and accessed immediately upon entry.  In addition to the five justice courtrooms located on the first floor, this project was also a mid-rise office facility including the Maricopa County Public Defender’s office, the District Attorney’s office and various court support functions. Operational efficiency was the goal of co-locating the various agencies into one building.  Although this project was a contractor-led design-build delivery, a spirit of cooperation among team members surrounded the design and construction efforts, with all actively engaged from the project’s beginning. Cost-estimates tracked the project for both cost and schedule implications, mock-ups allowed the owner and design team to confirm construction quality prior to final installation, and change-orders were managed within early-established contingency limits.  Sustainability was also a central goal for Maricopa County – the project earned LEED Certification.  Sustainable features include: recycling facilities, low and no water fixtures, reduced heat gain glazing, efficient heating and cooling systems, and environmentally responsible interior finishes.

Owner: Maricopa County 
Location: Downtown Phoenix, AZ
Project Size: 250,000SF, 5 Stories
Budget: $30M
Delivery Method: Design-Build
Contractor: DL Withers Construction

* While working for Dick & Fritsche Design Group


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