City of Prescott Garage on Granite

The City of Prescott Garage on Granite is a pre-cast concrete structure with masonry, brick and sandstone. The new garage is located behind historic Whiskey Row and Town Square.  Much like the City of Prescott, the project site has a long and interesting history.

Whiskey Row was what one might expect from the saloon part of a western mining town.  Stories of gunfights, brawls and high-stakes card games pervade.  During the early days of Whiskey Row, the project site was part of the “Prescott tenderloin district” with its back-side conveniently offering easy access to easy women after an evening of drinking.

Early photographs of Granite Street illustrate a high density of wood framed buildings.  On the evening of July 14, 1900, fire swept across Downtown Prescott and destroyed the project site’s buildings with much of the downtown district.  Following the fire, the project area remained vacant for many years.  Unlike Whiskey Row which was completely rebuilt with masonry and stone structures in New England and Midwestern traditions, the project area has only seen three small buildings in over 100 years and has served mostly as a parking area with a few businesses coming and going with time.  The Garage on Granite continues the tradition of convenient access for personal transportation to Prescott’s historic city center.

The new garage will be a visitor’s first and last impressions of the city – the threshold a

traveler must pass through as they transition between downtown Prescott and their car. We desired a structure which would provide the best impression to both vehicular and pedestrian travelers as well as a contemporary interpretation of the structure’s historic context. Because the garage is adjacent to historic buildings it must be sensitive to its surroundings, however we could not pretend that a garage was historic like its neighbors. We tied the building to its context through the use of details and materials while also using more contemporary forms to update the overall architectural language.

Owner: City of Prescott
Location: Prescott, Az
Project Size: 35,400SF
Parking Capacity: 400 cars
Budget: $3.4M
Delivery Method: Design-Bid-Build
Contractor: Brignall Construction

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Dick & Fritsche Design Group

DFDG Architectural Team:
Mike Schmitt and Christina Noble

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