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Does Your Workspace Work for You?

Does your workspace help you create, think, concentrate and communicate? We understand it intuitively: face-to-face conversations and chance encounters are the most important interactions for a creative, productive and engaged company community.  Having a teammate’s desk within accurate rubber-band throwing … Continue reading

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Forum Design Journal | Fall 2012

Approximately 40% of the Valley and 11% of Downtown Phoenix is vacant land. Sprawling across 1000 square miles, Phoenix’s urban form is not the result of the real-estate crash, but decades of auto-centered boom-times that encouraged cheap growth on our … Continue reading

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ASU Polytechnic Campus

Previously Published in Texas Architect Magazine, September / October 2011 Article by Christina Noble, AIA, LEED AP Architecture by Lake | Flato (Design Architect) & RSP Architects (Architect of Record) When building in the desert, landscape and climate dominate the … Continue reading

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Maricopa County Downtown Court Tower

  The justice system is about the resolution of opposites: defense & prosecution, justice & injustice, power & weakness.  What is interesting is not a balance between the two, but each side’s reliance on the other to define itself.   The … Continue reading

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by Christina Noble, AIA, LEED AP Originally published in Forward Architecture and Design Journal, a national design journal for the American Institute of Architects, Fall 2011 As Stanford economist Paul Romer pronounced, “A crisis is a terrible thing to waste.”  … Continue reading

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Forward 110: Architecture and the Body

As our identities become more complex and our relationships more interconnected, what impact does this have on architecture and modern experience, or Architecture and the Body?  Forward 110 will explore these ideas from distinct perspectives – the materialist who focuses … Continue reading